Six tips to keep positive working in self-isolation

Six tips to keep positive working in self-isolation!

Whether you’re working from home or still travelling to the office, this is a very challenging period for us all. Life as we know it has changed significantly over the last month, yet, during this strange new time, it’s important to remain in good spirits. Keep reading for some light and simple tips to remaining positive at work during self-isolation! 😊

1⃣ Be kind to yourself

With a lot of businesses grinding to a halt following Covid-19, you’re not going to be able to do your job perfectly or normally. But guess what? No one else is either. Do what you can and work with what you’ve got, don’t punish yourself over situations that are out of your control. Be kind to yourself and remember you’re doing the best you can, these difficult times will pass and are not permanent.

2⃣ Try meditation or yoga

If you’ve never really meditated before, why not give it a go! Whether you try this before work, during your lunch or after a difficult call – meditating can decrease stress, reduce anxiety levels and help rest your mind. You can find lots of helpful and free meditation guides online, that are easy to follow and offer different timings to suit your working routine.

3⃣ Stay connected to your work colleagues and staff

I’m sure we have all felt lonely at some point during this period and that’s completely normal. Many of us are working from home and those who are still able to get to work are likely to be alone or at least two metres apart from their colleagues.

So, lets boost morale and team spirit at the same time!
Stay in regular contact with your colleagues, encourage and uplift each other with positive words, compliments or even share funny photos in your WhatsApp group. It’s the little things that can mean the most or brighten someone’s day. Keep each other well informed of business movements and update as if you everything was completely normal. Have regular phone calls, stay in contact and check on your staff, especially the ones who are isolating alone – this can be a very lonely and scary time.

4⃣ Manage your anxiety using creativity

Another great way to manage your anxiety is to get creative! Why not use your lunch break to download a language app and start learning Spanish? Buy some paint and start upcycling the coffee table that you’ve planned on refurbishing since last year. Take up a new hobby to relax and unwind and, if it’s a difficult day in the office we can guarantee, that will certainly help ease your mind. You never know, you might find a passion for something that you never knew you would.

5⃣ It’s simple but get some sleep!

There are so many wonderful benefits to having a good nights sleep; better mood, increased productivity, lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels and the list goes on. Yet, how many of us actually get a good rest before work? The simple answer, not many. It’s so important to follow your bedtime routine even when working from home to ensure you relax and unwind before sleep. Make sure you stop work at the usual time and come off your phone at least a couple of hours before getting into bed.

Instead of sitting on social media reading negative news, why not have a bath, drink green tea or read a book, allowing your mind to switch off and give yourself some much needed me time.

6⃣ Work in a nice environment

Your environment at work is a huge contributor to how you feel, so if you’re working at home try to make a comfortable “working station” where you can be happy and are able to concentrate. Try to stay away from the lounge where the likes of Netflix is just a button press away and set a work station up as best you can.

Some of you may have never worked from home before, you may have children to look after and no quiet are in which to work. Working from home is not for everyone. So just try and find somewhere that YOU feel comfortable and able to work sufficiently, whether that your bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom (well, maybe not).

With the nice weather coming out to play, why not do an hours work in the garden with a refreshing cold drink!

Do you have any other positive tips you follow during isolation? Let us know in the comments below.

The easy guide to working from home successfully


The easy guide to working from home successfully.

Before the breakout of Covid-19, it seemed everybody wanted to work from home and looked at those that did jealously. Plenty are now realising that it is not all it’s cracked up to be. It can be hard to get in the same “worky” routine that falls onto you the moment you enter the office and are surrounded by your colleagues. It is a challenge to block out children running around in the background asking for yet, another, chocolate biscuit, and it can be tough to motivate yourself in general. However, it doesn’t have to be this way… let’s make this process easier.


If working from home is currently an everyday commitment, it’s really important to set up specific business or work hours. Follow your usual working time frame and stick to it. Remember to set your alarm each evening and get to bed at a reasonable hour so you’re feeling fresh and ready to start the following day.

Wake up each morning with plenty of time to get ready, walk the dog, have your shower, eat breakfast – whatever your usual routine dictates. Take the same breaks you would usually, giving yourself time away from the computer – do not work nonstop just because you are at home. Remember to take your full lunch hour/breaks and please stop checking your emails at 11pm (we’re all guilty of this!). Routine is the key, keep on top of this and you’re already halfway there.

2⃣ Update your to-do list every morning

Without the usual routine and direct line-management, it can be difficult to keep track of what you have to do throughout your workday. It is all too easy to lose sight of priorities, tasks and deadlines, or to simply focus on the wrong thing.

Keep a to-do list every day and review your priorities each morning. Ticking or completing your job list as you go really gives you a sense of achievement, too. Make sure the important tasks are at the top and resist the urge to simply pick off all the easy tasks. When you create a to-do list, stick to it and set time limits for each task. It’s easy to get distracted by an email that’s just popped up yet apply a little extra focus and you’ve got this! 💪

3⃣ Get dressed as if you were off to the office

We all love our PJs and many of us are all guilty of working from home in our favourite pair, yet sadly, this is a huge productivity killer. “Dress for success” and “Dress to impress” aren’t just a catchphrase’s used by corporates – it really does make all the difference when working from home.

Not only does wearing the right clothing get you prepared and in the right mindset to begin work, but you’ll also be ready to handle any kind of video Skype call, online meeting or check-in from colleague or manager. On top of that, you will be mentally and physically ready to start the day and smash your to-do list!

4⃣ Eat healthy food and snacks

Another work from home reality is that we are never too far from the snack cupboard in the kitchen. As soon as it’s time for lunch or a quick break we are immediately drawn to the left-over Chinese in the fridge, crisps, sweets, cookies… you know the drill. 😋

We all know that eating fruit and vegetables is good for you, but there’s a direct link between healthy eating and overall productivity levels. Try to snack on healthier options throughout the day and keep the naughty treats till Friday, after a successful and productive week. You will feel better for it every day – give it a go and see for yourself.

5⃣ Stay off social media whilst working

Not only is social media currently a magnet for negative news, it’s also a huge distraction. We are all guilty of spending waaay to much time on our favourite apps from time to time, but don’t let it get in the way of your work. One minute you’re replying to a comment on Facebook and then the next two hours have passed and you’re refreshing your newsfeed, reading the same posts over and over again.

Try to stay off social media for one working day (except for breaks and lunch, of course!) and see how much your productivity improves. Refraining from constantly checking your favourite apps will keep you in work mode and allow you to complete your tasks for the day.

If you’re an avid social media user try to leave your phone in another room close by, (keep it on loud in case any important calls come through, though). You know what they say, out of sight, out of mind! Why not give it a go today and see if this helps makes your working from home day more productive. 😁

Do you have any working from home tips? Leave them in the comments below!

5 REALLY simple tips to help build your social media presence


5 REALLY simple tips to help build your social media presence

Firstly, ask yourself, why are you on social media? What are you trying to achieve? If you’re not too sure, (which a lot of us aren’t) maybe this blog post will help you out.

1⃣ Set yourself achievable goals that you want to reach and accomplish them.

Sounds simple, we know! Yet, when was the last time you set goals or targets for your social media?

Start off small – aim to hit 50 targeted followers each month, respond to customer queries within certain time frames or post on your Instagram at least twice a week. No matter how little or large, set yourself goals and work hard to hit them each month.

2⃣ Sound like a human

You’re probably thinking “erm, obviously!” right now, but hear us out…

A terrible mistake to make on your social media is giving followers the impression that you’re an empty organisation with nil personality. People want to get to know your company and what you’re like! So, tell a joke and don’t be afraid to talk to your followers as if their your friends. Repeat after us, Don’ 🤖

3⃣ Stay active!

Don’t be forgettable.

Dependent on what kind of business you are, big or small, if you’re self-employed … sometimes there isn’t enough hours in the day to stay active… or so you thought. Save at least 5 minutes a day to check your social media, remember a tweet or Instagram post can take you a minute or less, so don’t let this slip away.

 There are also programmes such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social that offer different packages, allowing you to forward plan your content. Remember, you don’t need to post everyday to run successful social media just when you can and when it’s relevant.

4⃣ Less recycling and reusing

Now, think of your favourite social media accounts and imagine if they kept recycling the same blog posts/photos/stories every other week – what would you do? Unfollow!  

Make sure your content is interesting, current and different! If you continue to recycle and reuse old posts people are going to unfollow you. Keep your readers entertained with fresh and exciting news, share your journey with them – that’s what they deserve.

5⃣ Host a competition

I mean who doesn’t love a freebie?!

A social media competition can help to assist your social media platforms, gain traction to your website and overall, your entire business! They are a great way to increase general buzz around your page and get your followers (new and old) engaging with your content. So, what’s stopping you, why not set one up today?

Do you have any other tips?! Leave them in the comments below! 😊