5 REALLY simple tips to help build your social media presence


5 REALLY simple tips to help build your social media presence

Firstly, ask yourself, why are you on social media? What are you trying to achieve? If you’re not too sure, (which a lot of us aren’t) maybe this blog post will help you out.

1⃣ Set yourself achievable goals that you want to reach and accomplish them.

Sounds simple, we know! Yet, when was the last time you set goals or targets for your social media?

Start off small – aim to hit 50 targeted followers each month, respond to customer queries within certain time frames or post on your Instagram at least twice a week. No matter how little or large, set yourself goals and work hard to hit them each month.

2⃣ Sound like a human

You’re probably thinking “erm, obviously!” right now, but hear us out…

A terrible mistake to make on your social media is giving followers the impression that you’re an empty organisation with nil personality. People want to get to know your company and what you’re like! So, tell a joke and don’t be afraid to talk to your followers as if their your friends. Repeat after us, Don’t.sound.like.a.robot 🤖

3⃣ Stay active!

Don’t be forgettable.

Dependent on what kind of business you are, big or small, if you’re self-employed … sometimes there isn’t enough hours in the day to stay active… or so you thought. Save at least 5 minutes a day to check your social media, remember a tweet or Instagram post can take you a minute or less, so don’t let this slip away.

 There are also programmes such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social that offer different packages, allowing you to forward plan your content. Remember, you don’t need to post everyday to run successful social media just when you can and when it’s relevant.

4⃣ Less recycling and reusing

Now, think of your favourite social media accounts and imagine if they kept recycling the same blog posts/photos/stories every other week – what would you do? Unfollow!  

Make sure your content is interesting, current and different! If you continue to recycle and reuse old posts people are going to unfollow you. Keep your readers entertained with fresh and exciting news, share your journey with them – that’s what they deserve.

5⃣ Host a competition

I mean who doesn’t love a freebie?!

A social media competition can help to assist your social media platforms, gain traction to your website and overall, your entire business! They are a great way to increase general buzz around your page and get your followers (new and old) engaging with your content. So, what’s stopping you, why not set one up today?

Do you have any other tips?! Leave them in the comments below! 😊

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