Six tips to keep positive working in self-isolation

Six tips to keep positive working in self-isolation!

Whether you’re working from home or still travelling to the office, this is a very challenging period for us all. Life as we know it has changed significantly over the last month, yet, during this strange new time, it’s important to remain in good spirits. Keep reading for some light and simple tips to remaining positive at work during self-isolation! 😊

1⃣ Be kind to yourself

With a lot of businesses grinding to a halt following Covid-19, you’re not going to be able to do your job perfectly or normally. But guess what? No one else is either. Do what you can and work with what you’ve got, don’t punish yourself over situations that are out of your control. Be kind to yourself and remember you’re doing the best you can, these difficult times will pass and are not permanent.

2⃣ Try meditation or yoga

If you’ve never really meditated before, why not give it a go! Whether you try this before work, during your lunch or after a difficult call – meditating can decrease stress, reduce anxiety levels and help rest your mind. You can find lots of helpful and free meditation guides online, that are easy to follow and offer different timings to suit your working routine.

3⃣ Stay connected to your work colleagues and staff

I’m sure we have all felt lonely at some point during this period and that’s completely normal. Many of us are working from home and those who are still able to get to work are likely to be alone or at least two metres apart from their colleagues.

So, lets boost morale and team spirit at the same time!
Stay in regular contact with your colleagues, encourage and uplift each other with positive words, compliments or even share funny photos in your WhatsApp group. It’s the little things that can mean the most or brighten someone’s day. Keep each other well informed of business movements and update as if you everything was completely normal. Have regular phone calls, stay in contact and check on your staff, especially the ones who are isolating alone – this can be a very lonely and scary time.

4⃣ Manage your anxiety using creativity

Another great way to manage your anxiety is to get creative! Why not use your lunch break to download a language app and start learning Spanish? Buy some paint and start upcycling the coffee table that you’ve planned on refurbishing since last year. Take up a new hobby to relax and unwind and, if it’s a difficult day in the office we can guarantee, that will certainly help ease your mind. You never know, you might find a passion for something that you never knew you would.

5⃣ It’s simple but get some sleep!

There are so many wonderful benefits to having a good nights sleep; better mood, increased productivity, lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels and the list goes on. Yet, how many of us actually get a good rest before work? The simple answer, not many. It’s so important to follow your bedtime routine even when working from home to ensure you relax and unwind before sleep. Make sure you stop work at the usual time and come off your phone at least a couple of hours before getting into bed.

Instead of sitting on social media reading negative news, why not have a bath, drink green tea or read a book, allowing your mind to switch off and give yourself some much needed me time.

6⃣ Work in a nice environment

Your environment at work is a huge contributor to how you feel, so if you’re working at home try to make a comfortable “working station” where you can be happy and are able to concentrate. Try to stay away from the lounge where the likes of Netflix is just a button press away and set a work station up as best you can.

Some of you may have never worked from home before, you may have children to look after and no quiet are in which to work. Working from home is not for everyone. So just try and find somewhere that YOU feel comfortable and able to work sufficiently, whether that your bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom (well, maybe not).

With the nice weather coming out to play, why not do an hours work in the garden with a refreshing cold drink!

Do you have any other positive tips you follow during isolation? Let us know in the comments below.

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