RSPR Health

Why we do it

Our services connect businesses to their audience through print, digital and social media. From traditional trade and corporate communications to leveraging key sector influencers, product reviews and social channels, we build positive brand and product awareness to help businesses grow.

Who we do it for

From international CBD brands to boutique manufacturers with niche sporting products, we scale our services to align with the goals and budgets of brands looking to drive their business through media exposure.

What we provide

We create engaging stories for the press, compelling social media and engage influencers across sports, wellness and fitness. Working with the UK trade press and a broad spectrum of consumer and social media, we build brand identities that support our client’s end-to-end sales operation.

Who we are

RSPR Health leverages RSPR’s team of dynamic PR and social media professionals and their understanding of the UK health supplement, sporting goods and fitness landscape. When we are not hard at work earning media and engaging high-profile influencers for our clients, we will be cycling, running, in the gym or bopping along to Zumba tunes.

Sporting Events