Why we do it 

We specialise in brands looking to launch consumer electrical goods into the UK market. We create winning brand strategies, define messages that resonate with retailers and consumers, and get the brand and its products into the media channels that really matter.



Who we do it for 

For over a decade, RSPR has worked alongside some of the most innovative brands in consumer electrical goods, from start-ups to multinational corporations, encompassing launch projects, reviews and brand-boosting media campaigns.

What we provide 

Brand building, content creation, social media, PR and B2B communications are our thing. From engaging press-releases to managing the entire product review process from logistics to BEST BUY logos, we offer a complete package for consumer brands.


Who we are 

RSPR Consumer brings our entire team together, merging talents and decades of experience in the UK electrical goods marketplace. Our combined CV includes trade press editorial, MDA brand management, product development, social media marketing and even retail experience.