First NFE for Redwood

Redwood Collections — 20 May 2011

Redwood Collections, an innovative credit management company, is exhibiting at NFE 2011 for the first time.

Company director Andrew North MICM believes the company’s unique services are a more efficient, more cost-effective and, most importantly, a far more sensitive approach to debt recovery for Funeral Directors than using solicitors’ legal action from the outset. The company’s Redwood Credit Management division offers a unique no collection, no commission arrangement, starting the recovery process with sensitive communication and mediation. This often resolves credit issues without Redwood escalating to legal channels.

Explains Mr North: “At times of family bereavement a solicitors’ letter threatening legal action is impersonal and often upsetting for customers already struggling with personal loss. This distressing situation may compound grievances between customer and Funeral Director further delaying an effective resolution. Where appropriate we engage the debtor in dignified and constructive discussion to understand the situation and establish a valid reason for non payment. In many cases we can resolve the issue and recover debt immediately or arrange credit plans designed to suit both parties.”


Moreover a heavy-handed approach to debt collection may lead to a very poor reputation across the local community. In a world where social media services like Facebook and Twitter are used by almost all age-groups, damaging comments about your services can reach a wide audience very quickly. Keeping all of your customers satisfied has never been more important. In many industries where customers can accrue sizeable debts, Redwood’s personal touch has proven itself highly effective in resolving issues to the accord of both parties.

In cases that cannot be so simply resolved Redwood draws on over three decades of experience in legal debt recovery. Licensed by the Office of Fair Trading, registered under the Data protection Act and operating within the strict guidelines set by the Credit Services Association, Redwood engages in an escalating cycle of tried and tested procedures run to a strict deadline. Letters of intent, formal solicitors letters before action, telephone calls to ensure the debtor understands the legal ramifications, CCJs and additional costs, and finally bankruptcy and insolvency actions.

For more information on Redwood’s unique Credit Management Services, see the company at NFE 2011

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