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We don't work with sheep

RSPR works with companies at the forefront of consumer technology, particularly those in the home entertainment market.

As former journalists for such publications as Home Cinema Choice and T3, we have first-hand experience of working 'on the other' side of our clients' target media outlets.

We know how to spin stories and products to suit individual media titles. What we don't do is just churn out press releases into the ether.

We work as an extension of your company. We know our clients' businesses inside out. By understanding your company in detail – it's history, market position, corporate philosophy, products and services – we can create stories that will benefit your bottom line.

The changing face of the media

The media industry is undergoing rapid change.

The internet is challenging the position of newspapers and magazines, which are themselves regularly undergoing transformations to keep pace with the changing consumer habits of their audiences.

RSPR understands this. We know the best publications. We know their editors. And we know the publications that will work for your business – that is, the websites, magazines and newspapers that appeal to your target audience.