What journos say about usWhat journos say about us

What journalists say about us... and we didn't even make it up!

"We have worked with Richard Stevenson for many years, and his knowledge of the market, his understanding of the needs of the trade press and his ability to produce compelling copy tailored to individual publications are second to none. He is also a skilled negotiator on behalf of his clients and knows how to maximise every PR and media opportunity." - Terry Heath, Publishing Editor, Get Connected magazine.

"I have known and worked with Richard Stevenson for a long time - both in his time as a journalist and a PR person. He has a long list of contacts in the technology and the retail industry and is well-known in his field. Richard combines technical expertise in the consumer electronics sector with a knowledge of other areas, including electrical retailing and finance and warranties. He has a larger-than-life personality and is known for holding great networking events, round table sessions and client-facing launch events." – Sean Hannam, Editor, ERT & ERT On-line

There are a number of key qualities that are a must for any successful PR and Richard Stevenson has all of them in spades! Adept at knowing precisely what we journalists are looking for, he never fails to ensure that his clients receive the best possible coverage. What makes him stand out is not only his in-depth knowledge, enthusiasm and general giddiness when it comes to his chosen profession, it’s the fact that he will only ever offer something worthwhile. — Elizabeth Sharp, ex-Editor, SVI magazine

In an industry awash with PR companies, Richard Stevenson PR genuinely stands out. As one of the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic, personable and efficient characters around, Richard is always a pleasure to deal with providing us journalists with exactly what we need, when we need it. He has an unrivalled passion for the kit, greater understanding than many of us, is present at every key AV / CI event and has taken to public relations like a duck to water. Ric's attitude, approach and ability to deliver guarantee his client’s excellent coverage across both our trade and consumer titles. — Hamish McNair-Wilson, ex-Editor SVI & Smartlife International

Richard Stevenson puts 'public relations' back into PR. He is a natural choice for succinctly communicating the essence of a product to the press and is always a pleasure to deal with. I've had some of the tightest and most impressive product presentations from RSPR and I think we could all gain from Richard's unstoppable energy. — Dan George, Editor Hi-Fi Choice magazine

Richard Stevenson is certainly one of the top AV PRs around - keeping in regular contact, producing clear and concise press information containing all of the relevant facts and generally keeping us all up to date with his clients' latest news and products. What's more, copy calls are always returned well within the deadline and packed with great quotes and pictures. A pleasure to deal with. — Libby Plummer, Reviews Editor, What Video & High-Definition TV

Richard is definitely what I would call user friendly-PR. All the usual stuff like keen, friendly, well informed and enthusiastic but it ain't no act. He plainly loves the toys (sorry, equipment) of the client and furthermore is far better informed about what things do, how and why than most. None of the over-familiar hail-fellow-well-met pubspeak guff that leaves me wondering if they actually know me, but rather I get the impression Richard both gives a damn and enjoys it, too! — Adam Rayner, freelance home cinema journalist

RSPR is always pro-active in seeking opportunities for their clients, be it features list based, news stories or one off interest pieces. Requests for feedback are always dealt with promptly, on deadline and with a real understanding of the needs of the journalist. — Daniel Sait, Editor Essential Install

With his background in electrical journalism, Richard Stevenson has at his disposal a perfect toolkit of skills and knowledge to be a PR representative in this industry. His press releases and responses to copy calls are timely, accurate and very professionally prepared. — Anna Ryland, Editor, Independent Electrical Retailer

Richard is an entertaining and very well informed PR chappie with a keen interest in his subject that is abundantly clear from the enthusiasm he positively radiates. Press releases are timely, queries are answered promptly and a healthy vein of humour runs through all his business dealings. A veritable breath of fresh PR air! — Adam Smith, Assistant Editor Hi-Fi World

My dealings with RSPR have all been excellent. The company is always very prompt in replying to requests - supplying in-depth information and great high res images as soon as possible. They are also very good at keeping us informed of important industry developments and news, so we never miss a story. I would highly recommend their services to both clients and journalists alike. — Felicity Joyce, senior reporter, ERT Weekly

Richard Stevenson is a top PR man; he’s helpful, articulate and always gets in touch at the right time, with the right information! He’s the kind of PR I enjoy working with, as he makes work-life simple plus his emails always make me laugh. A kooky character with a lot of PR skill, he’s a great guy to deal with, and I’d recommend more companies use him – it’d make my life easier in the long run! — Keri Allan, freelance technology journalist

The best type of PR person is quick on the uptake as to exactly what you want, is proactive and quick at delivering copy and pictures including the often elusive mugshot. Copy is also tight and free from hyperbole – Richard is certainly one of the best in the business. — Martyn Williams, Editor, Custom Installer

Richard Stevenson is a more than capable chap who’s well-versed in the dark arts of PR hospitality and knows how to get his point across with no little flair – even when you don’t really want to hear it! He’s efficient at obtaining information when it’s needed, and very good when it comes to the ‘call-back’ factor. All in all he gives good PR… not sure about the prog drummer barnet though… — Dave Oliver, Editor AVReview.co.uk

Dealing with Richard is always a pleasure. He's personable, enthusiastic and always knowledgeable about his clients' products. He also knows exactly what the specialist press require in terms of information and review kit. In short, he delivers and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. — Adrian Justins, Editor What Home Cinema

Richard was a technology journalist long enough to know what we need from a PR: relevant information delivered quickly and a few pints delivered regularly. While he seems to excel at the former, his lack of progress with the latter is some cause for concern. — Shaun Marin, freelance writer, Maxim, NUTS, Live Night and Day