What our clients say about usWhat our clients say about us

What our clients say about us


In the words of that famous song by Jimmy Osmond - "he's your long haired lover from Beckley Rye and he'll do anything for you..."  and Richard will too. Set him a task and it will be carried through, not just efficiently and on time but with flair and creativity to an extent that I have not seen in the 28 years since I started Techlink. He gets on and does the job in a professional and appealing way and I have no hesitation in recommending Richard and RSPR to anyone looking for the very best in PR.Ralph Allen, MD, Techlink International

Alphason DesignsAlphason Designs

Ric Stevenson – ex-retailer, ex-editor of ERT, ex-consumer freelance journalist, techno-boy and excellent PR Man. He knows his stuff and will do the job very professionally. Superstar!John Reddington, MD, Alphason Designs

Acoustic EnergyAcoustic Energy

Ric has a plethora of attributes – not least of which his written and verbal communication skills fused with technical knowledge on the very latest trends in this fast moving consumer electronics market. A valuable asset to our marketing team and a pleasure to work with.Neil Truckell, head of OEM and personal audio, Acoustic Energy


If your company has something to say, Richard delivers the PR coverage to say it – and his creative skill with the English language ensures it is said in the most engaging ways. He knows his field extremely well, is well-connected, hard-working and has been able to get great product reviews for us - those all-important positive endorsements that can genuinely drive up perceptions, and sales. If that's not enough, you won't find a more enjoyable PR guy to work with!Adrian Lucas, founder and head of marketing, Imerge

REL AcousticsREL Acoustics

It may not seem possible, or even probable, from first impressions but Richard Stevenson is indeed an AV PR machine and one that will literally go the extra mile to meet the demands of the market place. I know what you are thinking, how can a man of such conservative hair styling get the job done in a world over-rich with back-stabbing jealousies and sharp political intrigues? I don’t know how, but I do know Ric just does, day-in and day-out, anything and everything, for all of us at REL Acoustics.Terry Medalen, European Market Development Director, REL Acoustics


I really enjoy working with Richard, he gets on and does the job in a very professional way. He is low maintenance which means I can get on and do my job while he does his. Basically he delivers great PR support to Lawton and he makes me laugh a lot!Neil Drain, MD Lawton


We briefed RSPR to focus on a new product launch which, because of the importance of this planned brand diversification, required the specific technical knowledge and press relations skills of Richard Stevenson. The subsequent national distribution of the SOUND 23 was both effective and immediate and the resultant RSPR media coverage played a key part in the product achieving market leadership in less than six months of its launch (Gfk April 2007). A professional job very well done.Les Burrage, Chief Executive, Roberts Radio


Richard is well known and  respected in the UK consumer electronics industry with an in-depth knowledge of the trade and consumer media as well as extensive technical and product knowledge. We have used RS PR on several key tactical product launches for brochure and advertising copy writing and would not hesitate to recommend his integrity and work. Also Richard displays that rare quality of a combined professional, flexible and understanding but analytical approach to our projects, add to that he is such a decent guy, we always enjoy working with him.Stephen Beresford, Senior Manager, European Marketing Communications